Monday, September 22, 2014

What we stood for

Written in 2005, as a means of explaining that we HAD standards, that you didn't find corners being cut in here, and that we supported our country and those who made quality products in it. I don't regret a thing because like anything worth doing in life, you have to stand for something.

"Our store has a long history of carrying confections proudly made in the USA. Since 1979 we have held to our principles of doing business with American manufacturers, the ones offering quality items which for generations have been produced here in our country.

We have stood firm in our commitment to buy from those companies who often are in their third or fourth generation of family ownership. It appears to be the right choice to spend our money with individuals who choose not to sell out to manufacturing in china and instead continued to employ our Americans and contribute to the economy here.

It's a small amount of money a shop like ours spends, but if we stop doing that, who will? Unfortunately, as many of the mega-chains opt for cheaper, low-quality products made in China, they are helping to put our American manufacturers out of business. As the walmarts of the world choose to support corporations with such a lack of standards, they are stealing jobs from our citizens and forever changing the landscape of our economy.

We stand for something. We uphold standards of food regulations followed by American manufacturers, without questionable ingredients. Chocolates, licorice, fudge, salt water taffy, hard candies, mints, caramels, stick candy, lollipops and more - yes, these things are produced here in the USA - but not the latest gummy cartoon character candy that your child wants; because it's only made in China. When you shop here you can talk to people that KNOW their product, who can tell you the history of the companies and show you a list of ingredients.

These are some of the reasons why we are different. As we enter 2006, which will be the 27th year that our shop has been a part of the community, we look forward to seeing and serving you.

Thank you."

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