Monday, September 8, 2014

We are losing our choices

Many people tell me I shouldn't feel badly, that it's not my shop that failed. That this is happening everywhere and that many small businesses just like mine are fading into nothing but pictures and memories.

That's true, and while I realize I'm not alone, it doesn't make me feel better about what I see happening. Some folks are eager to discount the importance of small shops and independently owned stores, saying it's so sad, how times they are a'changin', and the dreaded "p word"....progress.

Is progress always good and does just the fact that something falls into the past a great accomplishment? Or are they just using the word to imply that what everyone does nowadays is good; that when many people move in a certain direction that it's a positive thing? Is falling into place in the herd of sheep lined up at the entrance to walmart the best possible thing, or is it just what's become "the norm".

What were to happen if some massive change in economy or transit of goods and products occurred, that limited our choices and availability of things to buy? What if the chain stores ending up controlling every aspect of our shopping and there were no alternative? Do we really only want to have BJ's, Sam's Club, Target and a few others?

Lest it appear that I've lost my mind and am comparing my shop to the giants, let me clarify that's not the point here. The real issues lies with us having options and choosing where we can spend. But the more independents we lose, the few choices remain. And that my friends, is a tragedy for America. Because it sends a message that only the strong survive and the small vanish, we may lose our towns, the unique flavors of where we live and most of all, our sense of community.

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  1. I don't think I'll ever understand the mentality of corporate store love. I've always said that they have their place - being able to have a place to buy ice chests, outdoor furniture, etc., is nice - but for home decoration, clothing, and jewelry choices, why on earth would we want something that everyone else has? We need the hand-picked, highly curated merchandise that small, independent stores carry! But alas, this movement is affecting everything, including real estate. Tear down the old build ticky tacky sameness all's just annoying. Soon, all neighborhoods will look alike, have the same stores with the same merchandise, and we'll all be like Stepford wives. I worry greatly about our future.

  2. I agree Lori. It breaks my heart when I see people visiting our area, asking where they can find an Olive Garden, Denny's or Sam's Club. Why would you spend money to go on vacation and experience just the same things as you would at home? Such a stunted view of life! And they are passing this close-mindedness onto their children when they don't encourage them to look around and just live!!