Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sharing my story

A few days ago something unexpected happened. I was contacted by a reporter for a local newspaper who wanted to do a story. A story about the demise of this shop I assumed, but it wasn't quite that. I think the fact that I started a blog about the final days was more fascinating, perhaps because people don't generally share stories like this. But I'm different and see past what could be viewed as superficial whining or complaining. That wasn't the point of this at all.

I know some other small store owners must have had to close a beloved shop at some time when maybe they weren't quite ready to let go. I know some people out there appreciate, care about and value little retailers like me. I know that someone must respect what we stood for and the standards that we upheld by having principles and sticking up for American-made products. I'm sure that there are a few people who, like the hundreds of loyal customers I've had over the years, "get" why this mattered. And if even just a few readers come to the realization of what this was like, how it DID matter to me and to many others, perhaps they will think a little the next time they are out and have choices.

I have been so lucky. I was able to have had this experience and these 19 years. I have met amazing people, heard their stories, become friends, and I have loved being a part of my community. I've shared wonderful moments with people and have been able to pass on the message about rescuing and adopting animals which is something I'm involved with.

And while my story is the absolute truth that some people prefer not to see, perhaps the few who read it will open their eyes. Love your local community, people and businesses folks - as we, the heart and soul of your towns, cities and neighborhoods close, something changes forever in our world.

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